REEVEsoft, Inc. is actively seeking reseller partners for our products. We offer three plans and just about the most generous compensation plans you'll find. If you're serious about making money and you're willing to put the effort in we believe you'll see the enormous value our products are able to offer your clients:

1) Sale Representatives - With this plan all you do is sell. Once you have made the sale REEVEsoft, Inc. will handle account set up, training, and technical support. You move on to your next sale.

2) Dedicated Servers - You'll handle the sales, but you'll also handle setting clients up along with basic support. You'll need to fully understand the products you are selling. The software you'll be selling will be installed on dedicated servers that we continue to manage, but entering users into the system, training, billing, ...etc will be your responsiblity. You'll simply pay us based on the number of servers you're using and the profit will be yours.

3) Software Licensee - You manage everything including installation of our software with the web host of your choice.

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