Corporate History

REEVEsoft's history stems all the way back to 1984 when we were called Pro*Mega Software (for about three months and the release of one game) and then renamed to Reeve Software. We were located in Warrenville, IL at the time and our first major success was called the ReeveKey and was a CX85 keyboard handler for Atari 8-bit home computers. People said it couldn't be done, but we were successful at creating a handler that supported almost every program available. We then released The Business Manager for operating a small business which sported one of the first mouse based, graphical interfaces and later a line of desktop publishing products called The News Station, The News Station Companion, and Publishing Pro. The News Station received a very favorable review in Antic Magazine.

    Later, around 1988, we created the first true GUI environment for Atari 8-bit computers called Diamond GOS which was first released on disk and later released as a 64K super cartridge. Diamond GOS was featured on the front cover of Antic Magazine (below). The product included the complete, programmable operating system, a paint program, and a word processor along with various utility software. Unfortunately the product never really realized its true potential due to a shrinking market for Atari 8-bit software, a lack of 3rd party support, and the high cost of the cartridges that were needed to manufacture the software.

Diamond GOS Antic Magazine cover - June 1989

    The company was renamed to the snappier REEVEsoft around this point in time and we dabbled in the Atari ST market releasing a port of The News Station and an unsuccessful hockey game (they can't all be hits). In 1991 REEVEsoft released a program called MacRead for reading Macintosh disks on the Atari ST. The program later added a GEM-based interface and was renamed MacSEE once it could write to Macintosh disks, as well as read from them. This product did about as well as it could in the Atari market. REEVEsoft then changed focus and moved in the direction of the DOS and Windows world. Windows 3.0 was released around that time, and by late 1992 MacSEE was ported to DOS and Windows. The program was initially released in full form as shareware...unfortunately it became readily apparent that releasing full featured software as shareware would not work in terms of generating revenue to operate a business as we received a very small number of registrations.

    MacSEE 3.0 had its shareware demonstration version released in early 1993 and did VERY well. We had a hit on our hands! MacSEE was upgraded and improved over the years through the end of 1995, at which time we were approached by a third party software publisher that was interested in marketing the product. It took this publisher two years to actually put the product on the shelf and while they did prepay us a lump sum amount we never saw any revenue from them beyond that initial amount. That came as little surprise to us as they never really made any effort to advertise the product. In any event, we're glad to have our product back and will continue to support it.

   Throughout our history we've had several other products bear our name such as FontSee and WinStick for the Windows platform and several others for the Atari platforms...and we can only look forward to being more successful in the future as we strive to deliver only the best...

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